Joergen Geerds – The Future of Array Video Cameras

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Joergen Geerds - The Future of Array Video Cameras

Joergen Geerds - The Future of Array Video Cameras

Joergen Geerds is going to present us the first compact fully spherical video camera rig, known as the 360 Rig.

The 360 Rig allows to record material for 25/30/48 fps 4000x2000px equirect videos, with the advantage of free positioning, great portability, and no nadir blind spot. Since all the processing/stitching/blending is handled in post, the 360 Rig has a very user friendly weight of only 570 gram (excluding battery and monopod), freeing the panovideographer from bulky equipment to carry with them during the filming.

Joergen will talk about what inspired him to develop the 360 Rig, what technical challenges came with the prototyping process, and give an outlook how the post-processing of 360 videos is going to look like in the near future.

Joergen Geerds
Born in 1969, Oberstreu, Germany, Resides in Astoria, New York, USA.

Studied design and communication in the University for Applied Science, Würzburg, Germany.


Joergen Geerds is a New York City based artist and commercial panoramic photographer, deeply interested in the art of photography.

His work was one of the featured exhibitions of the Palmela2011 Conference, in conjunction with his “The state of Fine Art Panoramic Photography” talk. This is the video from his talk at Palmela 2011.

Since Fall 2011 he has been working on 360 videos, starting with a project for Sony-Ericksson, and leading to the development of the 360 Rig.

Joergen Geerds 360 Rig


Ignacio Ferrando Margelí Skiing Sample shot with the 360 Rig


Joergen Geerds talk is a part of Day 2 of NYC 2012 and is scheduled to take place June 14, 2012, at the B&H Event Space, New York City. Check and subscribe to the NYC 2012 Schedule for updated details.



  1. oh! very cool! can’t wait to see the development of this one.

  2. Incredible! Make it affordable and you will have a winner!

  3. Hi Joergen, please be sure there will be a video of your presentation in New York, it is not possible for me to come to NYC 2012, but I really like to hear what you have to tell about the 360Rig.
    It is a very good product you have developed, the quality is the best, so far I have seen.

    Regards and succes on the NYC 2012,

    Jaap pameyer
    Rotterdam, Netherlands


  1. 360 Rig | 360 Rig presentation at the IVRPA conference in NYC - [...] The talk was divided into 3 parts: a bit of history about existing 360 video solutions, my experience with …

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