Richard Broo & Pedro Diaz – 360º Video Technologies

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Richard Broo & Pedro Diaz - 360º Video Technologies

Richard Broo & Pedro Diaz - 360º Video Technologies

Richard Broo & Pedro Diaz will bring us a talk on the state of the art 360º video technologies and it’s future!

Richard and Pedro work at XS2TheWorld, developing 360º Video and software technologies
for mobile devices. Richard talk will cover the current state of 360º Video Technologies, those of XS2TheWorld and it’s competitors. He will cover where we are at at the moment and the future of 360º Video and Photography apps, including 3d rendering from 360º Panoramas. Pedro Diaz, chief developer at XS2TheWorld, is the person behind XS2TheWorld 360º Video Player and can bring us some insight on the future of this medium.

On April 16, 2012, UK Chanel 5 aired The Gadget Show and XS2TheWorld developed an app allowing viewers to sync their mobile devices with the TV broadcast to view the show beyond the confines of the television screen, this was a worlds first! Viewers could also view the broadcast again later on the channel 5 website.

Richard Broo
Richard Broo was born in Reno, USA, currently resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



  • Richard started his career in the Music industry after being recruited at the age of 17.
  • After moving to Amsterdam for the firm he worked for he decided to brake away to pursue his own business interest starting up a number of small music and marketing related companies in the UK and Netherlands.
  • Later after going back to school to study law in the Netherlands he started working for XS2TheWorld where he introduced social media to the company and was introduced to 360 video and photographic technologies.
  • After delving into the possibilities of the technology and spending much time with its developer, Pedro Diaz, he became the evangelist for 360 mobile technologies for XS2TheWorld.
  • Richard will be leaving XS2TheWorld as of June to pursue a new start up company based in 360 Mobile Technologies.
Richard Broo XS2TheWorld
Pedro Diaz
Pedro Dias, Barcelona, Spain.



  • Pedro Diaz has an Electronics Engineering degree from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.
  • His hobbies and professional career always been related to software and computer graphics.
  • After working making games for mobile phones in the age when they they just had a few kilobytes and continues to squeeze as much as possible out now that they can be measured by the gigabyte.
  • Pedro has always had a great passion for creating experiences through technology.
  • He is the chief developer and brain behind the technologies for the panoramic mobile apps of XS2TheWorld.
  • Pedro continues to push the envelope in engaging audiences with 360 mobile technologies.
Pedro Diaz XS2TheWorld







Richard Broo & Pedro Diaz talk is a part of Day 2 of NYC 2012 and is scheduled to take place June 14, 2012, at the B&H Event Space, New York City. Check and subscribe to the NYC 2012 Schedule for updated details.

XS2TheWorld acts as a Mobile Marketing and Branding specialist who consults and develops tailor made solutions for mobile marketing and new media. XS2 uses its own unique mobile technology (IP), creative skills and people to help companies and brands generate exposure, differentiation towards competition and return on investment.

With offices in Amsterdam, London and Jakarta and access to potentially 4 billion users, XS2TheWorld offers unparalleled marketing expertise and reach for your brands. Our experience in mobile enables us to reach a wide audience worldwide. XS2TheWorld’s unique competitive advantage benefits mobile network operators, media and businesses alike operating in the VAS (Value-Added Service) market.

XS2 has been active within the field of mobile solutions since the year 2007 and developing mobile apps & websites across over 2000 different mobile handsets (Java enabled, Blackberry, Symbian, Iphone, Windows Mobile and Android.)

XS2TheWorld is a fast growing company that has developed successful, award winning groundbreaking mobile solutions for brands in a variety of business segments. These include IBM, Fanta, Pfizer, Kodak, BBC, Orange, I Amsterdam (The city of Amsterdam), BP, Guinness, BAT and the Cannes Film Festival.


  1. I want to know more about 360 video

    • Then my suggestion is that you attend this conference. You will learn a lot!

  2. Seems like 6 HdHero2 inside a box? Video converted into frames than batch stitched the 6 images into panoramas than convert them beck to a video? If so are you planning to automate the workflow?
    Will the conference uploaded to somewhere later? I am so interested in but can not afford to be there :(

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